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Understanding Drug Rehab Costs

It is really important that people whom are drug dependent or addicted get the help they need. However, one of the most important things that patients and their families need to know about is the cost of drug rehab. The truth is that the cost of rehab varies widely depending on the state, the drug, the person's age and background - however, there are affordable options out there for those that are not well off.

How Does Rehab Pricing Work?

Rehab can go from rather affordable to very expensive. Some of the most expensive treatment costs upwards of a hundred grand and some of the most affordable costs around five thousand dollars. This is all for in-patient treatment. The patient will have staff support around the clock and live in an environment where he or she will need to be sober while starting to rebuild their lives. It is important to remember that one of the reasons residential rehab can be so pricey is the fact that patients need to eat and live, so the facility needs to charge them for costs like electricity and water, not to mention food. The higher end rehab clinics are those that are located in scenic parts of the country and that many prominent public figures have had to seek treatment at. These can cost upwards of two thousand dollars a day, but they do include luxury treatments like saunas and spas. These are designed to help the patient cope with the transition in the most relaxed way possible.

Out-patient rehab usually costs less than two thousand dollars. However, this particular type of rehab does not offer the comprehensive coverage than an in-patient addiction treatment center would, since it is simply impossible for them to provide the same degree as support as a patient would receive in a live-in facility. This is a great option, however, if the patient is merely drug dependent and has continued maintaining a somewhat healthy lifestyle but still wants to get off the drug. The length of treatment will also affect how much the patient ends up being billed with.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

This really depends on the individual and his or her circumstances. Many residential rehab centers prefer keeping the patient in for at least twenty-eight days with around a week of observation in which the patient's mental health state and problem are gauged before coming up with a specialized treatment that takes into account every individual's background. This is expected to happen to detox for around five days before that. Out patient treatment may take years. Most residential rehab facilities expect patients to continue out patient treatment after they have left the facility.

Some rehab treatments may be covered by insurance, although luxury residential rehab facilities rarely are. There are some public sector rehab facilities in different parts of the country which are designed to help patients that would not be able to afford it otherwise. Speak to your insurance provider about this before you decide to go into particular facility.

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